Makin' it Local Episode 3: SPECIAL GUEST (me 😉) 

Good morning everyone! (or whatever time of day you happen to be reading this) 

Today's Makin' it Local is a bit of a departure from the first two episodes, in that I have many delightful, talented friends...who are all very, very busy. 

So, today I'm my own special guest!  And I'm taking you through a little sneak preview of the musical I've been writing for about 2 years, "INNER DEMONS: THE MUSICAL!"  The show is a queer horror comedy that offers performers the ability to utilize their own life stories to create the world of the show. 

And the album is coming together right now and in preparation for its release in September and a *fingers crossed* CONCERT in October, come have a listen to some of the music and my thoughts behind the writing of the show. 

In addition to Inner Demons, I am also working on creating new lessons packages aimed towards adults who are looking to get back to music (or start for the first time) and aren't able to commit to a full 12-16 week session of lessons or indefinite lessons.  They'll be offered in groups of 4 lessons (or a trial of 2 lessons) with the option to renew for more lessons afterward.  These lessons will walk through the basics on one of the instruments (Voice, Piano, Ukulele, Composition/Song Writing, Saxophone, Beginner Guitar) and will also be tailored to specific goals the student has!  The prices will be on a sliding scale - meaning that individuals who are able will pay more of a fixed rate and individuals in need have the option to pay what they are able.  My hope is to be able to offer lessons to individuals regardless of financial situation - and also still live with the understanding that I do need to sustain myself in order to offer that.  Look out for those packages in July (or August depending on how some paperwork things go!)



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