Welcome to the inferno

Inner Demons! is a queer-centered musical comedy about 5 friends who decide to take a get-away trip to the woods.  After viewing a strange musical DVD together, the group releases a demon that feeds upon their darkest thoughts, deepest fears, and highest anxieties.  The five friends are taken on a wild ride through the depths of their own issues as they come to life around them.  Will they band together to help defeat these foes from the deep, or will they be bested by their own inner demons?

With music and lyrics by Kay Jay Olson, this show will involve elements of devised theatre - meaning the cast will be involved with creating the world of the story.  Using a skeleton script and elements of their own lives, performers will name their own characters and ultimately determine the direction of the dialogue and the arcs of the story.  

Are you ready to face your demons?

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