For Starters...

Hello there!

I'm so happy you're here! Welcome to this new chapter of my musical endeavors - a functioning website!  I've been working the past few years to develop my skills as a music educator, performer, and composer. Now, I'm ready to share more of my work with all of you!

First, a little about me.  I am a gender fluid/genderqueer musician who teaches piano, voice, ukulele, guitar, composition and early childhood music lessons in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.  I believe in a collaborative approach to education and performance that puts individual and group goals at the forefront of any project.  Access, social justice, and identity are incredibly important to my approach, and I believe that everyone can learn to love and appreciate music and art in a fulfilling and meaningful way.

Here you'll find teaching tips and tricks, my personal musical output and featured recordings. There will also be announcements of new compositions for solo voice, solo piano, choir, and larger musical works to peruse and purchase for use in your studio, music classroom, or for personal use.  

I am so excited to share more things with you as we develop this community!

<3 Kay Jay


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